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Nov 08 2008

The Time Has Come

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War on K8In today’s darkened world, where trust is a myth and loyalty a commodity, deep in the belly of modern Ireland a change is happening. Two opposing forces are stacking the board in anticipation of war. There is no good, there is no evil, there is simply two antipodal units seeking to make their truth known.


The time has come, my friends, to choose a side, to know where we stand, to know what we believe, and know why we believe it. The time has come to prepare our hearts for the inevitable fallout, and persecution against the true children of Blog, to put purpose in our hearts, that we will remain faithful, and continue to proclaim the truth no matter the consequence. Maxi Cane is a man of truth, of honour, of valour and great talent. I call on you to take arms and side with this noble hero against the tyranny of K8, against her misguided ways and erroneous beliefs. K8 is not evil, K8 is no monster. She has merely taken her cue from a man of no conscience, a man of great persuasion, a man who’s name will go down in history alongside some of the world’s most notorious dictators. This man is her father, The Grandad.


There can only be one victor/victoria, there can only be one outcome. Choose your side in this war. Choose the side of Maxi Cane.

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