Jan 03 2018

Hola Mis Amigos

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So, I do tend to hold true to my New Years’ resolutions. Not all of them, but some do take hold. I like the idea of constantly bettering oneself.

This year, I am finally attacking a task that I’ve been promising myself I’d take on for three years now. I’m want to learn Spanish. Quiero aprender español.

In recent years, I’ve increased my reading, I’ve added to my knowledge base for work, I’ve improved my skills in digital media, and I’ve improved my interpersonal skills – listen more, keep in touch better, stop taking people for granted, that kind of thing. In learning Spanish, I hope to grow closer to my Venezuelan fiancé; I hope to communicate with his friends more, and with his family too (that’s the scary bit). But this should also open up extra opportunities for me professionally. ¡Espero!

So, wish me luck. And if I throw the occasional “hola” and “cómo estás” in your direction, give me some encouragement.

¡Gracias y Feliz Año Nuevo!

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