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Nov 04 2008

US Election 2008

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We were in New Orleans for the last US Presidential Election in 2004 and couldn’t help but get caught up in the excitement and furore. Every bar, every theatre, every shopping mall and restaurant we went into, there were campaigners and voters waxing lyrical about the future of the United States. We spoke to so many people while in New York, firstly, and then in New Orleans for the final few days of electioneering, and the one thing we couldn’t understand (once the results came in, that is) is how John Kerry lost. Without fail, everyone we spoke to was a Democrat, or at the very least, they were anti-Bush. So, it was a colossal shock to see Bush return for a second term. Okay, so the debacle of the voting booths in Ohio marred the results, but it truly was Kerry/Edwards team’s election to lose, and lose it they did.

This time around the Obama/Biden team are not resting on their laurels and even with a significant 7 point lead (according to some polls) they are showing no signs of letting up in their fight for the White House.


Tonight, as the results roll in, I’ll be joining Suzy et al Live Blogging the results and hopefully will have the stamina to see it through to the announcement of the forty-forth President of the United States of America.

Head on over to Suzy’s site or to the Live Blog to join in the revelry.


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