Mar 31 2008

Bright New Sounds

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Bright New SoundsVodafone’s Bright New Sounds gig is on Thursday night. As Jim Carroll points out, Vodafone’s New Sounds website doesn’t make it very clear what the Bright New Sounds promotion is for exactly, but the less cynical among us can infer that it’s to encourage new, young acts and to give a footing to bands who would otherwise struggle to be heard in the mainstream.

Bright New Sounds was launched at the start of February and was open to acts of all genres. Interested acts had to upload their tracks to, where the best 20 submissions, as decided by a panel, were made available for Irish Vodafone customers to download. The top five most downloaded acts would then be invited to perform in Dublin’s Tripod April 3, where one will be declared Vodafone’s Bright New Sound of 2008.

The winning act will get a prize package from Vodafone and Universal Music. They’ll record their new single in Windmill Lane, which will then be released as part of their recording deal with Universal Music, they will receive a professional photo shoot and launch gig with supporting promotional activity – including extensive coverage in the pages of Hot Press.

Now, it’s clear from Jim Carroll’s post that this is not all it’s cracked up to be, but from a layman’s p.o.v., I’m just looking forward to hearing the acts on Thursday. Having already listened to many of the tracks, including Chaplin’s The Story Goes, Christine Deady’s Don’t Rescue Me and The Kinetiks’ Shuffle Your Feet, it should be a good show.

Even if the Vodafone event is nothing more than an overblown marketing stunt, anything that raises the profile of some overlooked acts must be a good thing. Viva la Indie Music!


Update: The five finalists have been announced!

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  1. Darraghon 31 Mar 2008 at 12:08 pm

    What Carroll’s blog points out is issues that he has though Darren, and no solutions suggested to rectify the situation. Not saying he’s wrong, it just reads as a rant rather than a post resolving the issue.

    How difficult must it be for young up-and-coming bands to promote themselves to mainstream media, especially if they’re not backed by a major label. Not everyone can go on You’re a Star. Am sure Ken Mc could give a perspective.

    At least with Vodafone the bands can

    (a) promote themselves as having been in the competition
    (b) get their music to a wider audience
    (c) benefit from Vodafone hiring the gig, pr, photographers etc
    (d) be in with a chance to win a fairly decent prize

    What is out there to promote these bands? Bebo? MySpace? Hot Press? How effective are they?

    At least Nialler9, State and KilkennyMusic have dedicated (online) followers but even they can’t cover everyone.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the bands fare, how they feel about the extra coverage and if they benefit.

    I mean, had you heard of the Kinetiks before?

    **disclaimer** – As Darren knows I’m currently working with Vodafone, and have a small involvement in this competition. All opinions above are my own and neither Vodafone nor any other party necessarily agrees with them.

  2. Darrenon 31 Mar 2008 at 12:19 pm

    I am completely with you on this. Well almost completely. It does seem to have been badly run and far from transparent. But just because it has some bad elements doesn’t mean the whole thing is bad. Overall, it’s undoubtedly a great and positive thing for all the bands involved.

    And, eh, yep, I have heard of the Kinetiks. They were nominated for a Meteor (Newcomer Award). But I get your point!

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