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Mar 12 2008

It’ll All Be Worth It In The End

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It’ll all be worth it in the end. It’s a phrase that I’ve been hearing on an ever increasing basis over the past two years and it’s a phrase that is really beginning to grate on my already frayed nerves.

Why are my nerves already frayed? Well, I’m studying accountancy and I’m not entirely sure why. And why have I been hearing the above phrase on an ever increasing basis over the past two years? It’s two years since I began my number crunching studies, and whenever I tell anyone what I’m studying, I get strange looks and THAT phrase.

It’s as if people just aren’t sure what to say. I’ve never heard “Oh, excellent, what a great career choice” or ” Cool, that’s an interesting course“. I’ve yet to hear “You’ll make a wonderful accountant” or ” Oh my God, I’d love to study that“. Instead I get, “oh, ok, well, I guess it’ll all be worth it in the end“. Hence: frayed nerves.
Which brings me back to the question: why the hell am doing it? I don’t really have a firm answer. I guess, after years working in a hotel and feeling like I was digging a deep depressing hole for myself and my future, I thought a bit of paperwork, in the form of a diploma, degree, first-aid certificate, whatever, might give me the helping lift I needed. And I AM good at this stuff! I take to it quite naturally and find much of it interesting, but……argh!

A friend of mine, she poised a question last week (while I was in a pub rather than college). She knew me back in school and is a good friend even now; she pointed out my creativity, my love of drama and the arts, etc. and asked if I saw myself as an accountant when done with my studies. It was the first time I had thought about it. Truthfully, I can’t! I can’t see it at all. I know the course will stand to me, regardless what career path I head down. It’s good to be able to keep a firm eye on the monies. So, I don’t think I’ll be abandoning it. I just wish it was a little more fulfilling.

So, if we meet (EllyBabes this includes you), and should the topic of my studies come up, please for the love of Bono, DO NOT say “it’ll all be worth it in the end“. Lie to me! Openly patronise me! Tell me what a great course choice it is. Tell me that all the most wonderful people study accountancy. Tell me it’s a sexy subject. Tell me anything that sounds half way positive. Just don’t say…THAT!!!

Thus endeth the ramble!

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Mar 12 2008

Kilkenny Music

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I finally got around to listening to one of Ken McGuire and Ross Costigan’s Podcasts at Kilkenny Music. It’s numero 44 and they discuss their experience at last weeks Blog Awards, in which I get a mention, so woohoo for me, and the (then upcoming) Creative Camp.

I was really impressed – it’s a damn professional thing they’ve got going there. I didn’t expect that. Truthfully I didn’t know what to expect, but between the music and the chatter, they’ve converted me to being a Kilkenny Music Podcast subscriber.

Ross, I believe this is what you were looking for:

Ross's Tattoo

Very cool!!!

Also, the music on the Podcast was excellent. I particularly like the second track, Jill Deering’s Dreams.

So, thanks lads for…eh……well, being entertaining and I’m looking forward to listening to this evening’s 45th Podcast. Best of luck with it.


Ken’s Personal Blog

Ken’s Staff at Kilkenny Music Blog

Ross’s Personal Blog

Ross’s Staff at Kilkenny Music Blog

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Mar 12 2008

Who Needs A Movie?

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Believe it or not, I’m not actually a fan of just endlessly linking to YouTube. I’d like to put a bit more substance into my posts.

That said, I was sent this a little while ago and it brought a tear I laughed so much. Apparently, it’s completely genuine and not just done for a laugh.


Not sure I’d hire them myself, but some people may need this level of professionalism. Fred and Sharon have a YouTube channel and it’s nothing short of brilliant……ish.

They also found where Nessie spends his holidays:


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Mar 12 2008


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Courtesy of Jazz Biscuit


And it’s better than the one Guinness paid millions for.

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