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Mar 15 2008

A Day Of Anniversaries

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The good people at eBay sent me an email this morning congratulating me on my 4 year anniversary. Apparently, I set up my eBay account 4 years ago today.

Proud as I was of my big event, I was beaten down by Bock the Robber, who celebrates 2 years as a blogger. Congratulations Bock!

But, not to be outdone, Grandad has his own anniversary today. 9 years ago he made the big move back to Head Rambles and has had a hectic and eventful 9 years. Well done Grandad on having, what sounds like, a great decade.

Julius Caesar was assassinated today in 44BC, forever known as the Ides of March.

Any more big events today?

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Mar 15 2008

Still Crazy After All These Years

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In response to Grannymar, here’s my list:

Still proud ~ of myself

Still thinking ~ I don’t deserve an ounce of what I have

Still grateful ~ for Lottie and for the fact that she still endures me

Still enjoying ~ being outside the ‘norm’

Still wondering ~ what I’m going to to when I grow up

Still hoping ~ for more, for bigger, for better

Still working ~ and working and working

Still facing ~ each day smiling

Still pleased ~ that I left my home town all those years ago

Still trying ~ to understand people

Still glad ~ I learned from my many mistakes

Still amazed ~ at the variety of people I meet

Still eating ~ cornflakes and hot milk

Still dancing ~ and falling over

Still breathing……

What about you?

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