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Mar 27 2008

The Sound System Podcast#46 From Kilkenny Music

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I finished work today, went through my usually OCD infused routine. I placed my mouse in it’s holder, I put away all my pens and stapler in their drawer, I made sure my four inboxes were neat and uniform, I adjusted and switched off my monitor (Power of One and all that jazz), I put on my coat and set up my iPod. Today’s playlist consisted of Ken and Ross‘s Podcast 46, which I missed last week. So I finally leave my office and happily wander along listening to the lads manic conversations and excellent music choices.
Laughing Kitten
After a while I find myself grinning stupidly and getting odd looks, as the lads give a big shout out to me and my ‘fledgling bloggery’. So, thank you both for making me that weirdo people see laughing out loud as he wanders along the street.

Ken, you may be right about me podcasting – I’ll definitely give it a go at some stage. Although, I sincerely hope I get an invite down for Podcast#50!!!

The 46th Podcast, in the meantime, featured

Ken McGThere was also some cryptic reference to DeviousTheatre‘s two new productions. Ken and Ross are clever guys. They pretend to stumble and fall there way through talking about the auditions for Trainspotting in June and another project in August, but it just forces us listeners to check out DeviousTheatre‘s website for more info. You kooky guys! Marketing at its best.

Ross CorriganAnd I think it’s important to back up Ross on this one – the local newspapers are stealing his work. Check out Ross’s photography at, just “don’t steal his shit“. If you want to support his artistic reputation, drop a comment on his blog post.

I’m already looking forward to listening to Podcast #47, which can be subscribed to on iTunes here or on the Kilkenny Music Website. Give it a go. It’s a lot of fun and there’s some great music.

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Mar 27 2008

Adoption Worries

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I was asked by a female friend recently, who is considering adoption, whether I am missing a connection, whether I view my mother as my ‘mother’ or simply someone who raised me. It’s a simple answer for me, and one I think (I hope) most adopted children find easy to answer.

Baby Darren

My mother will always be my mother. She’s the one who fed me, clothed me, housed me, laughed with me, fought with me; she is the one who watched The Late Late Toy Show with me each year. It’s easy. I am very happy and proud and excited that I have met my biological mother – but not because I feel there’s been ‘something missing’, not because I needed the connection, or closure, or questions answered. It’s because Biomammy is one of the most loving people I’ve ever met. She has raised four beautiful, clever, funny children. She has a husband who is a gentleman, who has welcomed me into his house like one of his own.

I have been very lucky when it comes to the ‘adoption thing’. My parents always made sure that I could ask any questions I wanted about it. In fact, I cannot remember not knowing about being adopted. As I was growing up, I knew a number of other adopted children. So I never felt I was odd for that (I was always an oddball, but I never felt it was because I was adopted). No, there was nothing missing in me, no need to connect a missing link.

I want this friend of mine to know that she would be giving a very loving home to someone who wants it, who needs and yearns for it. That child, whoever it may be, already loves you. How could it not? You would not be a parent by accident. You, more than most, will be making the decision to give a child a home, a life. The genetic connection is overrated. Love is far stronger than biology.

Baby Feet

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