Mar 12 2008

Kilkenny Music

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I finally got around to listening to one of Ken McGuire and Ross Costigan’s Podcasts at Kilkenny Music. It’s numero 44 and they discuss their experience at last weeks Blog Awards, in which I get a mention, so woohoo for me, and the (then upcoming) Creative Camp.

I was really impressed – it’s a damn professional thing they’ve got going there. I didn’t expect that. Truthfully I didn’t know what to expect, but between the music and the chatter, they’ve converted me to being a Kilkenny Music Podcast subscriber.

Ross, I believe this is what you were looking for:

Ross's Tattoo

Very cool!!!

Also, the music on the Podcast was excellent. I particularly like the second track, Jill Deering’s Dreams.

So, thanks lads for…eh……well, being entertaining and I’m looking forward to listening to this evening’s 45th Podcast. Best of luck with it.


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  1. Ken McGuireon 12 Mar 2008 at 9:15 pm

    You rock 🙂

    45th podcast on the way tonight but we’ll have a special mention for you in next week’s show. We’ve a live track for you from Jill Deering this week (recording at last week’s One Take Sessions).

    Some man for one man is Darren Byrne.

  2. Rosson 12 Mar 2008 at 9:57 pm

    I REALLY don’t remember this!? But then again, I don’t remember half the night! lol

    Glad you enjoyed the podcast dude and cheers for the photo, another memory I can’t remember!

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