Oct 30 2008

Jack L – Burn On

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Jack L Burn OnI can’t say I was ever much of a Randy Newman fan. The only songs of his I ever had much exposure to were from Toy Story and Monsters Inc. And yet, I have been listening to an album of his songs non-stop for the past few weeks.

Jack L, he who could sing the phonebook and make it sound damn fine, has dispensed with Brel for a while to stamp his mark on the songs of Newman. And you need only hear Jack’s version of You Can Leave Your Hat On (Yep, Randy Newman wrote the song that launched a thousand stripograms), to know that these songs no longer belong to Newman. Jack Lukeman has made them his own.

An impressive track listing of 18 songs rarely loses momentum and it is very clear that Jack is relishing every note of it.

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5 Responses to “Jack L – Burn On”

  1. Joon 30 Oct 2008 at 1:50 am

    Bollocks, Darren, you need to listen to the originals! Made them his own, pfft!

  2. Darrenon 30 Oct 2008 at 2:05 pm

    Ha – I knew you’d have to comment. 😛 Okay, I promise I’ll look into some more Randy Newman music…

  3. B'dum B'dum B'dum B'd-on 30 Oct 2008 at 3:19 pm

    Tip: Listen to Randy Newman’s actual albums… or at least Sail Away.

  4. Joon 30 Oct 2008 at 3:42 pm

    See. the B’dum stamp of approval!

  5. Lottieon 30 Oct 2008 at 5:54 pm

    This is all can listen to at the moment – It’s so good! Aural Sex!

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