Mar 30 2008

The Art Of Emlyn B

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On my ramblings through Bebo last year, I met, through an online friend, this excellent artist. For Emlyn B, his art is a hobby, but I see no reason why we can’t shout out our pride for our hobbies, just as much as for our paid-for achievements. Emlyn describes himself as follows:

Emlyn BArtist, photographer, writer, short filmmaker, animator, lycanthrope, professional snake charmer and occasional cabaret act (but only on bank holidays). Trying to figure out my role in this crazy life, but watch this space for my own skins, artwork, photos and other cool stuff (i hope!)

Emlyn's OwlFrom humble origins, drawing owls under the instruction of Don Conroy on the telly, he obviously took to art and drawing and has found a fascinating, often gothic, style.

If you feel so inclined, have a look at his Bebo site and please drop a comment before adding him.

His focus on eyes in some of his work particularly intrigues me. There’s so much emotion in the large glassy eyes.

Emlyn GirlEmlyn Girl Eyes

But, it seems his passion lies in the obscure, the gothic and the fantastical.

Emlyn Cat

Emlym Gothic

So, check him out.

Emlyn Darren

I love my photoshopped self!

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  1. Grannymaron 30 Mar 2008 at 2:26 pm

    Now I know why I recognised the eyebrows and the ears! 😉

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