Dec 15 2008

This Is Gonna Be Great…

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The Other Fellow


I am The Other Fella [as Grandad caustically calls me] who does the typing on Head Rambles.

For years I have lived under his irascible thumb, but enough is enough.  I will have my say.

My name is Richard, and I live very close to Grandad.  We are not related in any way, shape or form, though some people seem to think we are.

I confess I do look a bit like him, and we are the same age, but there the similarities end.

Where he is a cantankerous evil sod, I am a placid, rather quiet person.  Where he drinks himself into a stupor, I will remain sober and abstemious.  Where he happily murders tourists, I will greet them and help them on their way.

I may sound like a dull person.  I suppose I am.  But I have one thing going for me –

I have all the dirt on Grandad!

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