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Dec 15 2008

Bush Gets The Boot

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A soleless would be assassin threw his shoes at George Bush during a press conference. Luckily, the situation was tied up fairly quickly. The attacker, Muntazer al-Zaidi, must have been some sneaker to get past security. The Secret Service will surely sock it to this guy now. At the very least, heel probably be booted from any future press conferences.


Though many first supported the attacker, they now seem to be flip-flopping on the issue and praising President Bush’s witty remark – “I’m OK. All I can report is it is a size 10”.  Rumours that the shoes may have been laced with chemicals proved unfounded.

Sources within the US government are reported to have said,

When evil is afoot, the righteous must toe the line.

Here’s a photograph taken of the incident:


Must…resist…urge…to say……strange things are afoot in Iraq.


Some might say this is a cheap post full of bad puns and that I am not funny…… Well, if the shoe fits…



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Dec 15 2008

This Is Gonna Be Great…

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The Other Fellow


I am The Other Fella [as Grandad caustically calls me] who does the typing on Head Rambles.

For years I have lived under his irascible thumb, but enough is enough.  I will have my say.

My name is Richard, and I live very close to Grandad.  We are not related in any way, shape or form, though some people seem to think we are.

I confess I do look a bit like him, and we are the same age, but there the similarities end.

Where he is a cantankerous evil sod, I am a placid, rather quiet person.  Where he drinks himself into a stupor, I will remain sober and abstemious.  Where he happily murders tourists, I will greet them and help them on their way.

I may sound like a dull person.  I suppose I am.  But I have one thing going for me –

I have all the dirt on Grandad!

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