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Feb 23 2009

Politics Is Not For Me

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Politics of any kind – I just don’t get it. The backstabbing, the misrepresentations, the spin, the between-the-lines commentaries, the lies – I don’t understand why anyone would want to surround themselves in that poisonous world.


Perhaps some of it is well intentioned, but it’s tough to see it.


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Feb 23 2009

Going Analogue

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My laptop’s touchpad seems to have developed a mind of its own today. So, before I wander down to the stationery shop to pick up a little USB mouse, I’m going analogue to put my thoughts down on paper.


Today, I’m thinking about the amazing weekend at the Irish Blog Awards in cork and all the wonderful people I met; I’m thinking about my blog’s future; I’m thinking about I’m wondering about things like trust and friendship and the importance of honesty. I’m ruminating on sex and relationships and the power of attraction (don’t worry Lottie, it’s the power of attraction towards you that I’m thinking about). I’m also considering getting dressed and going for a wander. I’m trying to put together a plan for my day…then my week…then my year and my life.


So, not too much on my mind today at all.



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