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Feb 16 2009

A Light At The End Of The Recession Tunnel

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Or Tips to Get Through the Downturn:

A Doris/Magee Short Film

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Feb 16 2009

Oh! The Busy Lives We Lead

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I think myself one of these people who ‘count their blessings’, ‘smell the roses’ and pretty much enjoys the little things in life. Well, lately I’ve been so busy that I really haven’t had a second to sit and scratch myself. So…this is it right now.


What have I been up to? I’m involved in a couple of projects that are really exciting and a lot of fun. On Saturday and Sunday I found myself getting stressed out and flustered by them, until I copped that it’s all supposed to be fun. Taking my own advice (if you’re not happy, change something), I stepped back from it and took stock. It’s all coming together nicely.


I’ve barely read a single blog in recent weeks, even the ‘regulars’. Trying to catch up today and I find myself smiling a lot.


My camera has seen a lot of use lately, none of which I’m permitted to blog about just yet, so this space remains empty:







Socially speaking, I was out at the Twestival in the Sycamore Club on Thursday night, which was fun and other than that things have been quite quiet. I am really looking forward to this coming weekend. We’ll be hitting Cork early on Saturday morning for the Blog Awards. I’m thrilled to say I’ve been nominated in the Best Blog Post category for Adoption: One Year Later, which I’m extremely proud of, and I’m on the Long List for Best Personal Blog, which is an absolute honour when I look at the rest of the nominees. Congratulations to the following also:


Best Personal Blog


So, who’s going to be in Cork to buy me a pint?




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