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Sep 29 2008

Coronas In Greystones

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Maybe I should give up training to be an accountant and become an events organiser instead. It sounds like a lot more fun.

The CoronasCoronas are playing in Greystones, in the new theatre, on Sunday 5th October at 8pm. It’s a great venue with incredible sound, so it’s sure to be a good gig. Tickets are only โ‚ฌ15 and we’ll be having a few drinks before and afterwards. Drop me a mail (darren at darrenbyrne dot com) if you want to come along and you can pay for the tickets on the night. Also, I’ll be taking the Monday off, if anyone plans on joining me for a late one (Anto, I’m talking to you here).

If you don’t know who Coronas are, then shame on you, but here’s their website.ย  Also, invite as many as you like – just let me know the numbers before Friday.

Additionally, just to give you a heads up – I’ll also be arranging a big night out for the end of Lottie‘s exams on October 10th, with The Flaws playing in Greystones Theatre too. It’ll be one of our now infamous cocktail nights. It’s the night before the Web Awards on the 11th, so let’s make a mad weekend out of it. I’ll talk more about that next week.

So, to the very few of you who have not been down to our apartment yet, let me know if you need directions, DART times, bus times, etc.

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