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Sep 23 2008

Speaking Of Theme Tunes…

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Whatever happened the Charlotte Church Show? I really enjoyed it. She was surprisingly funny (for an ex-classical singer and failed pop princess) and I loved the opening to each of her shows, when she sang her theme tune each week in a different style, with differing topical verses.

Here’s a few:



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Sep 23 2008

I’ve Had The Theme Of My Life

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Raptureponies asked us last week what our theme tune would be and I am surprised how tough it’s been to pick a song for me. A few weeks ago, a friend of my asked me what song would I like played in my final moments as the zombies had surrounded me and the only thing I could do was go out fighting. For that, I picked Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders:

And I guess I could use that as my theme, but it doesn’t quite fit unless I’m in serious peril and am likely to be beating in the heads of the undead (being sure to sever the spinal column).

Last week, I listened to Bolero (the version from the end of Moulin Rouge) on repeat. It’s invigorating, it’s joyful, but it’s a bit pretentious. I’d like to have a theme tune that was a bit more ‘everyman’.

I thought about House of the Rising Sun, but there’s too much seediness associated with it. And I’m probably a little young for Stairway to Heaven to be my theme. I flicked through my most played list on my iPod and swiftly discounted Sweet Transvestite (too gay), Tom Waits’ Falling Down and Town With No Cheer (I’m far too positive for those two), Monty Python’s Always Look On the Bright Side of Life (I’m not that positive) and I Like Chinese (a personal theme tune should not have racist undertones, regardless the comic value).

I settled on Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (Jack L‘s version) for a while, as it is definitely one of my favourite songs, but it’s a bit too obvious. I want something a bit more off beat.

So, for the moment at least, I’m settling on a different Jack L cover, Jacky, originally sung in French by Jacques Brel. The song of a great man and his journey from the gutters to the stars. It’s a brilliant tune and for now, you can here it on Jack L’s MySpace page.

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