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Aug 27 2008

When At First You Don’t Conceive, Try, Try Again…

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In Spring 2007, some young blogger and his wife thought it would be a great idea to bring a bundle of joy of their own into the world. They would give up their social life; they would abandon manic holidays; they would put down the beer bottle and lift up the baby bottle; they would swap their social calendar for an ovulation calendar and they would definitely trade in the XBox for Nappy Rash.

To chart his trials and tribulations towards fatherhood, XBox4NappyRash began blogging his thoughts as he headed towards fatherhood. Sadly, things did not go quite as expected. His wife did not immediately fall pregnant. In fact, all this time later they’re still trying. They’ve been to fertility clinics, they’ve tried different positions to aid fertility, they’ve timed each sexual act with military precision and they’ve never given up, all the way along.


Today, he writes about being asked to guest post elsewhere. There is frustration in the post as he talks about the 18th Cycle (yep, they’ve been trying that long) and how each cycle feels like lather, rince, repeat, but the end of the post remains optimistic and very positive.

His blog is at times moving, at times clever, at times frustrating, but almost always very funny. His positive attitude has his readers willing him and his wife on (which, when you imagine what you’re willing him to do, is a little odd).

Mr XBox, Sir, we’re with you all the way. Best of luck – I have everything crossed uncrossed for you!

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