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Aug 07 2008


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Oliver Stone‘s W, the story of George W. Bush is out towards the end of the year. Here’s the trailer. Looks interesting…

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Aug 07 2008

Scary Movie 12

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I‘ve been tagged, or skilletted (as coined by Grandad) to do another meme, and since I’m fresh out of original blog ideas, I thought I’d give this a go.

The gist of this one is to cast the movie of your life. Who would play you and your significant others if your life was put on film.

The Rules!

  1. List the people who would play you, and the key people in your life.
  2. Give credit to the person who tagged you. Mr Kieron!
  3. Link your answers to the original blog, that’s here (!
  4. Tag four new people to participate.

To play me, I’m thinking James Spader. Fine, I know he’s a touch too old but if this is a Hollywood movie then age rules don’t really apply. The man is ridiculously cool. He’s good looking in an odd way and often plays oddballs. I like that.

James Spader

Failing that, maybe Ryan Phillippe might work a bit better. Right age. Right look.

Ryan Phillippe

Of course, the problem with them is they are American and the thoughts of my accent being smashed to death by them on the big screen is frightening, so it might be better to go for Cillian Murphy, perhaps?

Cillian Murphy

For my youth, it would have to be that kid from Love Actually, Thomas Sangster. He’s just brilliant. There’s a peculiar rumour circulating at the moment that he might be playing Tintin in Spielberg’s trilogy. I don’t see that working.

Thomas Sangster

For Lottie, I’d have to go looking for Michelle Pfeiffer. It’d be wrong not to. The age thing might be an issue, but to have Pfeiffer play my other half (particularly during those years where all Lottie wore was the Catwoman outfit) would be a dream come true.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Kirsten DunstNicole KidmanFor a long while Lottie was told she looked like a young Nicole Kidman, so she might be good for the role. But then there’s that age thing again. I’m thinking Kirsten Dunst might suit the part. She’s hot, intelligent, funny – perfect to play Lottie.

For the younger version of her it would have to be Saoirse Ronan.

If Spader plays me, then it stands to reason that Shatner will have to play Darragh. The age thing is less of an issue as it’s the Shat – he can do whatever the hell he likes.

William Shatner

If Spader‘s out, then I’m thinking we could call in WETA to do some of their Gollum/King Kong wizardry again. We could even call upon the talents of Andy Serkis.

Andy Serkis as Gollum

Amy the Cat would have to be played by a real star. I’m thinking that brave dog in I Am Legend. I can’t see anyone else in the role.

I Am Legend

Biomammy could be played by Susan Sarandon or maybe Zoe Wanamaker (a bit too old?). I’m sure she’d prefer to have someone like Cate Blanchett cast in the role. Although if Spader‘s playing me and he’s 9 years older than Blanchett, things would get confusing.

Susan Sarandon Zoe Wanamaker Cate Blanchett

Bill MurrayAs I write this, I’m starting to think more about the story that would unfold in a two hour story of my life. I don’t really see it being that interesting. There’d be a lot of barmen in my story. I think they should all be played by Bill Murray, even the barwomen. Jim BroadbentI see my biopic being more of a comedy musical. Jim Broadbent could reprise his Moulin Rouge Harry Zidler role and play my father. Will Ferrell could play that teacher that inspired me. Harold and Kumar could play my childhood chums who get up to hi-jinx all the time.

Thinking about it, my life’s story will probably just lie in development hell for years before finally getting a straight-to-DVD release and swiftly retiring to the bargain bin beside Beethoven’s 5th: Big Paw.

A bunch of unknowns are more likely to play all the roles. I’d still like to think Shatner would cameo though.

Hmmm, more thought is required.

In the meantime, I’d like to tag Little Miss (although she’s away on holliers). Lottie, I’d be interested in reading your take on this one. Ray, I think you’d have fun with this one – what do you think? And I would love to see what Pedro comes up with. Perhaps it would be an epic lego movie? Bill Murray could do all the voices. Go on, you know you want to.

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