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Aug 26 2008

Pink For October

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Pink for October is a campaign that raises awareness for Breast Cancer. Websites turn pink or have pink banners and badges for the month of October. Photobloggers do their bit by taking shots of pink things and posting them for the month.

Will Knott points out that this awareness is all well and good, but doesn’t help the charities such as the Irish Cancer Society in any financial way. So, what’s the solution? Will is a clever fellow:

Last time I was in Cork city I called in here…


…my local Irish Cancer Society shop. I’m not sure if the Castle Street shop in cork city is unusual, but they tend to have big window displays. So I chatted with the manager (nice lady) about making a window display using pink photos for October. In Cork, the Jazz festival will have its own display, but since she hadn’t planned anything from the start of the month until the festival, she is willing to display the photos.

However it might be worth going one better… donate the photos to the charity not just for display, but to be sold and raise money for the charity.

If you’d be interested in giving Will some help with this great idea, please drop over to his site and leave a comment on this post. Photobloggers, get snapping – it’s a wonderful and important cause and it could be a lot of fun.

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