Apr 03 2008

What A Difference A day Resignation Makes…

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I am not going to offer up my opinions on the whole Bertie thing, basically because I don’t have any.Bertie I Owe You I’m one of the many Irish people who doesn’t really care about politics and I am one of the many that the Politico Critico blame for voting FF back in. Across the last 24 little hours I have glanced over the barrage of Bertie-posts online, only stopping when I saw a funny picture of Bertie photoshopped onto one of his daughter’s books, etc.

However, I did come across one post that summed up what I would be thinking if I was to be thinking about thinking about Bertie. I think! Turlough, via Daragh’s blog, offered his impassioned view of the resignation. I’m not sure he would like someone of my apathetic standing agreeing with him, but that’s just tough.

Bertie is just a man, just one man. His departure will not change a thing. Government will still continue, the economy will still drift, the health care system will still be in need of vital surgery. Can we all stop dwelling on the man and do something about the things that matter?

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  1. markon 04 Apr 2008 at 3:24 am

    Absolutely nothing related to the post but I think we passed each other in town today. Did you come out of that Bus Stop shop across from the entrance to Stephens Green today (yesterday (Thursday)) at about 1.45?

  2. Darrenon 04 Apr 2008 at 8:43 am

    Yep, that was me. I was meeting a friend of mine, Sam, for lunch. Don’t be afraid to grab me by the arm and say hi.

    If you’re around town, we should grab a bit of lunch someday.

  3. Darraghon 04 Apr 2008 at 10:29 am

    That’s just a bit scary. Odd, funny but scary.

  4. Darren.. tooon 04 Apr 2008 at 12:52 pm

    Bring in Robert Mugabe. There will be less corruption at least

  5. Garyon 05 Apr 2008 at 8:18 pm

    Good post, but I don’t agree.

    Bertie has done a lot of good for this country, and was very personable to many world leaders. Which in turn gave Ireland a brighter place in the spotlight.

    Can you imagine Brian Cowen having the same wit, and charm when met with leaders such as Bush, Brown or Putin?

    For all his foibles, Bertie did a lot of good – Northern Ireland being the one that grabbed the most media attention, but lets not forget:

    Ahern was co-negotiater with the PDs when they first talked about a coalition government, and actually recovered the talks from certain doom in 1991

    Leading the first government to be re elected since 1969

    And that’s to name just a few. Granted, there’s been stuff I don’t agree with – But all in all, I’m thankful for what Bertie has done for the country

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