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Apr 15 2008

Would You Like To Ride With Batman?

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Do you remember this?

There have been some brilliant ads over the years, but this one is so funny and simple – I love it.

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Apr 15 2008

The Sound System Podcast#49 From Kilkenny Music

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I listened to Ken’s 49th Sound System Podcast over the weekend and I’m pleased to say Some Man Darren Byrne™ got another mention. I don’t think I’ll become famous for my mentions on Ross and Ken’s podcasts, but it’s sufficiently feeding my easily inflated ego all the same. The past two weeks podcasts, numbers 48 and 49, have seen Ken flying solo. Ross is apparently deeply engrossed in finishing his thesis. So, good luck to Ross and we look forward to your return.Sound System Podcast

So, Mr McGuire is left to hold the fort on his own and, while all the information is there and the strong song choices are there, he seems a little reluctant to let himself go and be a bit silly. Let yourself go a bit mad, Ken – we don’t mind.

The pair have great chemistry (nothing funny) and I look forward to the return of Ken’s compadre.

The 49th show featured:

Next week’s 50th is quite the milestone and a big congratulations to the lads at Kilkenny Music for keeping a quality podcast running for so long. They also have their 20th One Take Session, the podcast of “an open music night showcasing some of the finest raw talent on the Irish music scene”. Be nice and drop them a line

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