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May 22 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane

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She’s staying home. He’s off to work in London for six months. She’s weeping on his shoulder. He’s trying to be strong for her. She’s saying how much she’ll miss him. He’s saying how much they’ll still visit each other. She looks genuinely broken. He looks exasperated and glad to be leaving.

It’s fun to watch this real life soap opera unfold in front of me. Neither are being particularly quiet, though he seems a little embarrassed by the situation, so we are all privy to every detail of their conversation.

She’s an overly painted blonde, aged around 19, dressed all in pink (ALL in pink – shoes, dress hairband, necklace, the works) and he’s a mid-twenties, suited, moisturised ginger. With every whinge and whine from her about destiny and soul mates, he moves further from his initial lovey-dovey ‘I can’t live without you’ position and closer to his eventual ‘look, will you just calm down’ just as I alight at Pearse Street Station. If it wasn’t so cringeworthy, it would make great television.

When his phone rings, he greets the person on the other end with such warmth and relief – I’m finding it hard to see why these two people are a couple in the first place.

I’m reminded of the episode of Friends when Chandler can’t break up with Janice, so he tells her he’s moving to Yemen instead. She escorts him all the way to the airport where he eventually has to get on the plane to Yemen. I wonder if Blondie will see Ginger Boy off at Dublin Airport…

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