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May 11 2009

Bless You

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St Andrew's Church, Westland RowAs I wandered past St. Andrew’s Church on Westland Row this morning, a guy walking in the opposite direction blessed himself as he strolled by the entrance. It’s something I haven’t seen in some time.

When I was younger my Granny always blessed herself whenever she passed a church, graveyard or anything remotely religious. My dad still does some bastardised version of a blessing as he drives by the graveyard down home (it looks more like he’s swatting a fly from his chin). I have seen the elderly do this on occasion but it’s a rarity these days.

I’m not religious at all, but even as a child I thought this an odd thing. I remember being in the back seat of the car and being told to bless myself. I could never grasp the whys of it.

So, do people still do this, do people still practise this ritual?

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