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Jul 25 2008

Good News Friday (2)

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A few things that made me happy this week (apart from the unbelievable Dark Knight):

  • After catching the wonderful Juliet Turner last Friday night, I discover she also blogs a wee bit. Here’s a video she posted with her interview on The Den in 2004. Awww! Watch all the way to the end to hear the worst but funniest version of Everything Beautiful is Burning ever.

  • On Sunday, Greystones Educate Together will be holding a Teddybear’s Picnic to raise funds for the new school. This is a great cause and almost makes me wish I had kids (I said almost!!). More info on the event here and more information on the new school project is here.

The Big Lebowski

Wantsies!!! So, if you are feeling generous, please buy this for me from Amazon.

  • The Templebar Chocolate Festival starts today. Woohoo! Being the chocoholic that I am, I hope to sample much of the delicacies, particualrly at tomorrow’s market.

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