Jun 18 2008

Bloomsday In Davy Byrne’s

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Bloomsday took a decidedly odd turn when Sheila accidentally left her camera behind her in the pub.

Mr Doyle went on an adventure around the bar and got to know everyone. EVERYONE!!!

Alcohol may have played a part in some people’s appearance:

This was actually the first willing participant:

Some were less willing to be seen on camera:

Some people had other things on their minds:

Some of us were just thrilled to be there:

Myself, Anthony and Niamh had such a fun night and thank you Darragh for making it brilliantly unusual.

For more Hello Sheila pics, check out pix.ie

Note: I would greatly appreciate that because this was done for fun and with the willingness of so many nice people, that these photos are NOT COPIED and used to make fun of any of the participants. I hope you’ll understand and respect this. Please contact Darragh regarding using the photos, and if you’d like any taken down, just let him know.

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  1. Grannymaron 18 Jun 2008 at 9:12 pm

    Is that Mr Doyle leading you astray? 🙄

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