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Jun 04 2008

In Another Dimension With Voyeuristic Intentions

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That young couple were sitting at the front of the bus again yesterday and I may need to correct my previous estimations of his age. I was reasonably confident that he was no more than 16 years of age as he fondled and fooled with his young future bridezilla, but I see that he has grown some facial hair since I last saw him. This patchwork of follicles make it very clear that he is far older and not a young teen at all. He’ll certainly have no problems getting served in the bars now. Twat!

Okay, I know I occasion a semi-beard and certainly went a year will a full grown bush on my face, but I’m confident I can pull it off. Why, oh why do people try to grow these things when all they are likely to achieve is something resembling Team America’s master of disguise, Gary. If you are going to look like your friends threw an open bottle of glue and a gerbil at you then this is not a look for you (although why someone might throw an open bottle of glue and a gerbil at you is beyond me. In fact, if you have friends who are likely to throw an open bottle of glue and a gerbil at you, then you may want to stop concentrating on growing a beard and focus on getting some new friends instead). Kids, bum fluff on your face does not make you look older, it does not make you look more mature, it does not give you an air of mystery. Kids, bum fluff on your face makes you look like you have bum fluff on your face. That’s it!

Anyway, on a different note, The Sugar Club are running the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday 13th and a friend of mine suggested we go. It’s a dressy-uppy thing, so Dublin City Centre may be invaded by suspender-wearing, fishnet-adorned, wig-wielding oddballs for a time(warp). It should be fun and I think a few of us will be going. Although, I suspect our group are more likely to be seen dressed as Brad or Janet rather than Frank or Magenta.

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Jun 04 2008

Trainspotting á La Devious Theatre

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The beautiful people in Devious Theatre in Kilkenny are hoping their next production won’t be derailed by controversies. They are being highly ambitious by taking on Irving Welsh’s Trainspotting. It’s a huge and brave undertaking and I can’t wait to get down to see it.

For those of you whose heads were in the sand in 1996, Trainspotting charts the development of Renton’s drug addiction in recession stricken Scotland. Famously played by Ewan McGregor on film, the now exam-free Ross Costigan is currently immersing himself in the character. Let’s hope he doesn’t take the method acting technique too seriously. Here’s Rossa:

Other cast members include Stephen Colfer as Danny “Spud” Murphy, Maria Murray as Alison, Niall Sheehy as Francis Begbie and the far too cool Ken McGuire as Tommy McKenzie. For more details check out Devious Theatre‘s website or MySpace page or Bebo.

Really looking forward to seeing this show and I wish everyone involved all the best with the preparations.

Trainspotting runs from 24th to 28th June and tickets are on sale now from the Watergate Theater, Kilkenny, 056 – 7761674.

Sidenote:While in Kilkenny over the weekend, we enjoyed some lovely chips and burgers in Joe’s Takeaway, where we nicked this poster:

Sorry about that, Joe!

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