May 09 2008

Bloggers In The Papers

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Reading the papers this morning, I spied that a couple of the bloggers were mentioned. Mulley and his big nose were talked about in the Indo, while the Metro interviewed Twenty Major.

Ok, so these are two of the more outspoken among the blogging community and are more likely to get some mainstream mentions, but it’s interesting to see the proliferation of the blogging world into the lives of the ‘ordinary man’.

Hear no Evil....BlogWhy is it that many of the journalists own blogs are poor on content? It’s as if these ‘real’ journo’s look down on online media. Personally, 90% of my news intake come from online sources. Much of what I read is from sites fed by mainstream media such as the Indo’s site and RTE News, Sky news, etc – but the joy of being online is that you can seek alternate opinions and points of view. Often when reading the newspaper or watching television, I feel I am being pandered to, being told a biased view, and being fed news stories that execs feel I should be interested in, rather than actually getting any quality news.

I wonder how long it will be before print media is replaced by online resources as humanities prime source of current affairs. Will newspapers become nothing more than reference sheets, providing news summaries before directing us to Reuters, someone’s blog, a podcast?

As for the Twenty Major interview this morning, it was very poor. With an abundance of political, topical and probing questions that could be directed at Twenty’s controversial ‘creator’, this morning’s interview read more like a bunch of questions asked by a children’s TV presenter.

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  1. le craicon 09 May 2008 at 10:33 pm

    I think print media is having a hard time adjusting that’s for sure. While people still buy newspapers and they are (presumably) turning a profit – they see no reason to change, but if this were to change I’m sure that the product they offer will change too.

    Didn’t see the twenty major interview, but it being the Metro – what could be expected other than a fluffy interview.

  2. Andrewon 11 May 2008 at 4:29 am

    Problem with taking blogs too seriously as a form of news reportage and a forum for intelligent, independent opinion is that absolutely any eejit can set one up.
    Talking of which…

    I like my title anyway.

    Drop by and fill up some space, will ya?

  3. Andrewon 11 May 2008 at 5:01 am

    the trouble with relying on a blog as a reasonable source of news, opinion, or inteeligent and independent thought is that any eejit can set one up. Talking of which…

    I love my url.

    Drop by and fill up some space.

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