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May 04 2008

Mulley’s Mother: Marvel Or Madwoman?

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Via Twitter, Mulley shows us where his inventiveness and incredible time management skills come from: his mother. He also posts about it here.

I’m off to defrost my fridge.

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May 04 2008

Six Six Six

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As the cycle of life trundles on, so too does the life cycle of the meme. I was memed by B of PositiveBoredom and I have to write six random things about myself. He in turn was tagged by Raptureponies, who was tagged by loads of people.

Here are the rules copied from PositiveBoredom:

  • Link to the person that tagged you.
  • Post the rules on your blog.
  • Write six random things about you in a blog post.
  • Tag six people in your post.
  • Let each person know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Let the taggee know your entry is up.
  1. I think I broke my coxix when ice skating a few years back. It was my first time Ice-Skating and I was trying to impress a girl by going really fast, I fell awkwardly and landed arse down on the pointy bit on the back of the skate. Being a fool, I didn’t want to show that I was hurt, so I kept going around the rink – in complete agony.
  2. I sang at a lot of school shows, at religious ceremonies, at the graduation thingy, on the grass verge at lunchtimes…anywhere really.Christina Ricci
  3. I used to be in a Samba band, specialising in the Tamborin (not Tamborine!). Rattat tat tat at at tat…
  4. When I was young I had a huge crush on Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams. I think I still love her!!
  5. When my Granny was in hospital, with only a few days left to live, I was in an awful state. To take my mind off things I built a set of shelves for CD’s, DVD,s and books. Everytime I look at the shelving now, I think of her and smile. Odd?
  6. I love watching Snooker and I am currently watching Ronnie O’Sullivan creating a flying headstart against Ali Carter in the World Championship.

So, I am going to tag the following people. Don’t feel you need to reply – it’s just a bit of fun for your lunchtime. Keeping with B’s ambitious tagging, I tag Foley. Maybe Lottie would be up for it? How about you Mr Ben? And I know how busy you are Ken, but you might take a few minutes out for it? What about you, D2? And how about the LionessKeeper?

Christina Ricci

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May 04 2008

Not So Manic Now

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Do you remember Dubstar? They were a 90’s band who apparently had three albums and a best of album, but in my head they were just a one hit wonder, who produced the great Not So Manic Now in 1995. I loved this track and I think it’s aged well.

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