May 03 2011


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Darren in KaraokeIt’s so silly. I’m very confident. I can walk in and take over a room. In Karaoke, it’s impossible to drag me from the machine. In a crowd of strangers, I’m in my element, making friends and talking happily to everyone with ease.

So, why then was I so nervous going for a small part in a five minute song produced by the AmDram society I’m in? I know the people people I was auditioning for. I know the song inside out and have done for many years (Skid Row fom Little Shop of Horrors). I know I can do it and do it well.

And what happened? I walked in, I missed my cue, I screeched instead of sang, I missed notes. Argh!! So, so silly. I’m better than this.

Rant over. I hate auditions.

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