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Sep 30 2009

Byrne, Of No Fixed Address

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A friend of mine sent me the following article which appears on Kent Online and asked the question – “Is this you?”

Two men admitted conspiring to take heroin into a prison when they appeared at Maidstone Crown Court on Monday.

Dino Gillett, 36, of Canterbury Road, Westgate, and Jack Hennessy, 22, of Pritchards Avenue, Hawkinge, Folkestone, also pleaded guilty to taking mobile phones SIM cards and batteries into Elmley Prison, Sheppey, between February 8 and March 14.

Gillett’s wife Sahra, 35, Carly Morris, 24, who worked for Serco Security at Canterbury Crown Court, and Darren Byrne, 29, were also in the dock.

Gillett, of Thanet Road, Ramsgate, Morris, of Devonshire Road, Dover, and Byrne, of no fixed address, will enter pleas to the charges on October 20.

Dino Gillett also admitted 10 charges of supplying undercover police officers with crack cocaine and heroin between April 14 and May 1.

Dino Gillett, Hennessy and Byrne were remanded in custody and Sahra Gillett and Morris had their bail continued.

Judge Philip St John-Stevens told Dino Gillett and Hennessy they were facing “significant” custody.

They will sentenced after the trial of Byrne, Sahra Gillett and Morris on January 4.

I was insulted. Although, is it a bad sign that I wasn’t put out by the suggestion I was involved in illegal activity, I wasn’t miffed by the suggestion that I’m now homeless, I wasn’t bothered by the fact that a friend of mine (who knows I own my own home) thought I was now living on the streets of Kent? The thing that got on my nerves was that he thought I was 29 years of age!!! I’m 28 damnit.

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