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Aug 27 2009

Whatever Limits Us We Call Fate – Emerson

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It’s strange. I think I only ever consider the possibility of fate and destiny and a predetermined route when things are going wrong. When I’m ‘down on my luck’, this is when I think that some higher power is fucking with me.

When things are going well, it’s all me. It’s my good decisions, wise actions and forthright, positive thinking that has brought me to this good place. But on those dark days, it’s my bad luck.

When I was younger I imagined there was a Laughing God. I think it’s the only deity I ever really believed in. The Laughing God loved nothing more than to mess with my life, to place me in awkward, difficult, horrible positions, just to watch me squirm. The Laughing God was not a good God.

So, is there fate? Is there a higher power, a puppet master yanking at our strings? I don’t think so. Wouldn’t life be a bit pointless if that were true?

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