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Jan 20 2009

Children In Bars

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Children in bars – discuss…


It bothers me greatly. Okay, I’ll concede that on a Sunday afternoon, when a pub is transformed into a family friendly retaurant, then yes, children are acceptable. It’s worth pointing out that I do not go to these bars at these times.


But in the evenings, from 5 or 6 onwards, children in bars surrounded by people in varying degrees of insobriety (their parents included) is a shocking and unacceptable practice.


I’m sure I’m going to hear arguments that parents of young children are entitled to go out and enjoy a drink too and that babysitters are too expensive, but I would argue that when you have children there are rights that you must surrender. Your child’s welfare must come before your own wants and I don’t think there is a solitary instance when a child’s welfare benefits from being surrounded by beers swillers and cigarette smokers hanging around the front entrance.


Am I wrong?


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